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Swing voters — why so indecisive?
October 8, 2008, 1:12 pm
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This not-so-good chart from the NYT illustrates what we suspected: “voters are more likely to be unsure if they are young, white, female, live in the north in a rural area, have less than a high school diploma, make between $30 and $50,000 and are religious (particularly protestant).” Here in Realityland, we call these the “fucked no matter who I choose” voters. It’s easy to see why the young women in small towns who drop out of school and face a bleak economic future might not see anything promising in either of the two powerful men who run as major candidates. While some might argue that this is why McCain’s Palin choice is significant, I’ll remind you that I’m from a religious family in a small town. While I can readily identify the type of woman Palin is, that only means that I associate her with that gaggle of narrow-minded social climbers who ruled the high school like their own little kingdom and then moved on up to looking down on me and mine when they got to the Town Council because we were Catholics and were rumored to drink communion wine. I know her well, but I wouldn’t vote for her on a bet.


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In my house, the general opinion is that if one hasn’t figured out by this point who to prefer, one really doesn’t deserve oxygen. Either that, or one is a conflicted racist–on which topic, my mom told me last weekend that she overcame her well-hidden racism and early-voted for Obama. She had no reason to dislike him aside from his race, and McCain’s choice of Palin offends her beyond belief, so she got over herself and did what she knew to be right.

And while we’re on the topic of race–let’s ask this of people who mention Obama’s race: his father was black and his mother was white–so why do you believe that he’s black? Why isn’t he white?

Comment by John Gruver

That exact conversation is one that I’ve had with my mother. She’s still a “one drop rule” person down in her heart of hearts and race still matters. She goes back and forth between “I can’t vote for either of these guys” and reluctantly voting for Obama. The fictive reason for her dislike of Obama is that she fears that he’s duplicitous…because, you see, those educated black men must be tricky, I guess. Her county newspaper regularly publishes op-eds that are essentially plagiarized hate e-mails and the press content is all McCain. She hates McCain and absolutely will not vote for him (and it is hilarious to talk about Sarah Palin with her…) but she has convinced herself that her Democratic vote “won’t count anyhow” because Kentucky is going Republican for the presidential race. Yet another rationalization to avoid voting for a black man, if you ask me. Right after McCain appointed Palin, she told me that she was going to suck it up and vote the Democratic ticket as a principle thing, but now I don’t know. I try not to get on her case about it too much, but it’s maddening.

Among reluctant Obama voters up here, the fear here was that Obama was going to be killed in office and then what the hell would we do. The older independent/lean Dems liked the choice of Biden and resolved their indecisiveness after the debate.

Comment by bridgett

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