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So, how to win this…
October 3, 2008, 9:58 am
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McCain says he’s ceded Michigan. (His local peeps don’t think so, but that’s another matter.) That leaves him with a handful of strategies to win the Electoral College. Does he try for PA? He’s got some serious Joementum going there at the moment, so that looks like a nonstarter. VA? With southwest VA and Richmond swinging Dem, it’s not looking good there. NC is currently a tossup, but Obama is campaigning like hell there and I wouldn’t bet against him. Minnesota might be a possibility — Al Franken’s Senate campaign is tanking, which makes me wonder what happened to all those people who used to vote for Wellstone — but it’s not going to be sufficient.

At the rate he’s going, he’s going to be really lucky not to lose Georgia. To a black guy. From the North.

Looking at the electoral map thoughtfully provided by your blogress (if I can also be a blogress like Betsy), what do you think the strategy is? Beyond the October surprise, I mean.


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Interestingly, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune just reported that Franken has an 11 point lead over Coleman. MN still appears to be quite blue, from what I can see.

Comment by Krista

Survey USA today has Franken down by one — I am hoping you are right and I spoke too soon. Strib’s poll is interesting and I like the news it has to bear, but it does seem like it’s an outlying result at the moment.

Comment by bridgett

I’ve been really heartened by the way PA has been going, also how some of the states that were leaning blue have really solidified….

I’m crossing my fingers for the state I reside in, nothwithstanding election shenanigans down in Colorado Springs….

Comment by imfunny2

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