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Advice to my Republican brethren…
September 29, 2008, 12:53 pm
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If you’re going to hold onto Mitch McConnell’s seat in KY, you might want to shut him up and keep him off camera. People in Kentucky are getting sick of him and they are especially unhappy with the bailout deal. Showing him doing the perp walk on Fox all weekend was stupid. He is tied to this loser of a bill and to the extent that this drags the economy down (or is perceived to favor the interests of fatcats over regular joes), it’s going to drag him down in what’s currently a “too close to call” contest. You also need to keep Elaine Chao off TV. She’s widely disliked in Kentucky (first, because she’s Chinese-American and married to a “white” guy and second, because she’s been a horrible Secretary of Labor) and having them make campaign appearances together is a complete loser of a strategy. The average Kentuckian is not super-well-educated but has put two and two together — when McConnell takes huge amounts of coal company money and his wife guts OSHA and the Mining Safety and Health Administration, all those normally red-stater guys in Harlan and Hazzard figure it out. And quit having him talk about “clean coal.” Clean coal, my asters. Anyone who has ever been in a coal mine or knew anyone who worked in a coal mine knows that’s a bullshit slogan designed to appeal to disengaged urban ninnies who know nothing about the rudiments of coal production. He can’t win on an “I’m strong for miners” (because they aren’t stupid) and coal isn’t going to carry the rest of KY.

You know me, I’m all for a super-blue Senate, but Bruce Lunsford is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Even dyed-in-the-wool Democrats think that he’s not a particularly strong candidate. If you just give him enough rope, he’ll wind up hanging himself. Just keep Mitch off-camera even if you have to club him and his publicity-seeking wife right between the eyes like baby harp seals or you will lose a sure thing like Kentucky. Right now, it’s a dead heat.

Oh, and you should move en masse to North Carolina. Over and out.


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Aw, c’mon ‘teach’; if you keep givin’ ’em the answers, how are they ever gonna learn anything. I don’t wish the folks in KY ill, but I would love to see a bulletproof majority “D” congress. Of course the dems do have a disconcerting habit of being just as big nitwits as the reptilicans when they are in charge. The only difference that I’ve seen in my life is that their graft and corruption is spread thinner and wider so that more birds get to dip their beaks.

Comment by democommie

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