My Beautiful Wickedness

My beautiful living room
September 20, 2008, 9:53 pm
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It’s the color of sunshine in a bottle. It’s the creamiest yellow egg yolk you ever saw in the prettiest hard-boiled egg on the plate. It’s sunflowers with a little more orange.

The paint is all on and drying. Tomorrow, the bookcase goes up, the window blinds and curtains go back in, the TV gets rehung. The dropcloth and ladder and all the paint cans and whatall that we’ve had all over the house all summer will be once again down in the basement. No cardboard on the floor. Our “good” chair — the Scandinavian one that we bought back in Iowa, that crazy comfortable elegant looking piece of furniture that we hung onto even when we were flat broke in the hopes that we’d have a beautiful room someday — finally has a place to be and we’re hanging a pendant lamp over it so that the light is good to read by.

Sometimes you dream dreams and they come true.


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