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How I spent my time today
September 18, 2008, 9:17 pm
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At the gym, mainly. Walking — the 30-year-old ex-cheerleaders who are not handling aging well try to run over me with their powerwalking ponytails and I blow by them on the second lap just because I’m feeling a little mean. If you can’t walk faster than a 4 mi/hr pace, get the hell out of my way. (I have long legs and I have had much practice covering ground on the UI campus.) They look a little pouty and then start pacing on me. I took my first spinning class today (biking, not textiles) and it was…well, at the time it was a literal pain in the ass. I liked it insofar as the instructor was cool and was not on me for not doing everything exactly perfectly the first time, but it must be said that I am awesomely out of shape and that being on a bike for an hour even at variable intensity was stressful. My feet fell asleep and I feared that I would flop off the bike onto the floor when I dismounted. The up side is that the recovery was pretty quick. My quads and ass hurt, but other than that, I was good to go within an hour of ending the class.

I picked up a couple of new books at the library (Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest and some other non-fiction to go with my Stegner and Rushdie…I’m really liking Enchantress of Florence so far). I also brought home a bunch of DVDs (Triplets of Belleville, Mad Hot Ballroom, The Electric Edwardians) so we can just chill.

Finally, I did some grocery shopping and fixed a nice dinner. Garlic smothered chicken with lemon, potatoes in a mustard vinagrette, and a salad. Nothing fancy, but it’s been a hard week and it was good just to gather around the table and bless each other with conversation.

Total weight loss this first week: eight pounds. I probably lost a little more than that, but I was really thirsty before weight-in and I decided that I didn’t need to get that hung up about the number.


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