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Tax cut calculator
September 14, 2008, 3:17 pm
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See how your household fares under the various tax cut plans; the people at the non-partisan Tax Policy Center did the math.


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But I don’t *want* a tax cut–I’d even take a tax increase, because we’ve got wars to pay for (and if we end ’em soon, we can start paying them off even more quickly). Anyway, the better point about the candidates’ tax plans is that McCain’s taxes the poor, while Obama’s taxes the (very) rich. But the *really* meaningful point is to be found here: (spoiler: historically, the economy grows faster under Democratic presidents than under Republicans, and with less inequality).

Comment by John Gruver

Ah, yes. I am crazy alarmed about the deficit, but I’ve got a job that allows me not to have to worry about choosing between putting gas in the tank or food on the table. If I made less, I’d sure as hell be wanting that $1000 or so back in my pocket. Unfortunately, I don’t think the people that will be the most negatively affected by McCain’s tax shift are getting the message, because the message is predominantly being suppressed by the people that will most benefit.

True enough about the lessening of inequality — and what thanks do they get? The less inequality, the more likely people are to vote for Republican…and the pendulum swings again.

Comment by bridgett

Oh, I agree completely about getting more money to the people who have to choose between [food|medicine|other necessities] and gasoline. That McCain wants to raise taxes on those folks is just unconscionable (as is his nearly always voting in favor of our granting ourselves the ability to torture). Honestly, it’s a stroke of genius on the part of the Republicans that they’ve cast their lot with people who don’t demand verifiable evidence, because those are the *only* people who can continue to believe in large portions of what the Republicans preach.

Comment by John Gruver

So, how goes Virginia, comrade? I think the last poll I saw had McCain up by 2% (leaners thrown in). What’s your sense?

Comment by bridgett

The origami folding project is making a thousand paper cranes, incidentally. I thought you’d think that was neat.

Comment by bridgett

Which origami folding project? Whichever one it is, you know I very much approve of their current endeavor.

As for how it’s going in Virginia–well, I can tell you that the faculty in my department are apoplectic about and terrified by Sarah Palin. They think her nomination is an affront to all that’s holy *and* a stratagem that may well work. Even I am thinking I might have to become a four-more-years-dodger and move to Canada if the Republicans win. I won’t, of course, because I’m lazy, but it’s not something I had ever before seriously envisioned doing.

As for the locals–they were going to vote Republican no matter what, so I don’t think Palin’s elevation has given the Republicans any more than the usual post-convention bounce here. They’re excited by her, though, and more energized than they had been before–much like local Democrats were back when Obama seemed exciting and new, when all he was up against was the easy pickings of other Democrats. Now that he has to face off against people who have no compunctions about fighting dirty, he’s at a bit of a loss, and local Obama supporters are starting to look a little panicked (but are still resolute in fighting for their man).
(Oh–is the link you provided in this topic’s initial post supposed to take you to something that’ll let you compare the results of both Obama’s and McCain’s tax plans? That seems like the implication, but only Obama’s numbers are offered.)

Comment by John Gruver

Also, a pox upon Sarah Palin for forever besmirching that surname in my mind.

Comment by John Gruver

She tried to ban books….all the rest I’ll shut up about….but…

She. Tried. To. Ban. Books.

That’s all she wrote

Comment by imfunny2

Akshully, she asked the librarian whether it would be possible to ban books, was told to jump in a lake, and tried to force the librarian out (or did force her out but had to reinstate her due to the public outcry, I forget which). Technically speaking, that’s not book-banning, as many of her supporters keep pointing out. Because, ya know, wanting to ban books and trying to ban books aren’t problems.

Comment by nm

And firing (or attempting to fire) public employees because they don’t tow your wigged-out ideological line — also apparently not an issue for her defenders.

Comment by bridgett


Not to hijack the thread, but did you hear the report on NPR this morning that Obama’s lead in NY is down to 5%? Where the hell are these polls being conducted and by whom? Sounds like more GOPushpolling to me.

Comment by democommie

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