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Lost weekend
September 14, 2008, 10:22 am
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It’s only 11 am and I feel like my weekend is almost over already. Damn.

Assorted things:

Teachers who send children home to make complicated origami foldings without adequate instruction in how to do it should have their asses kicked up into their shoulderblades.

The painting goes slowly here. We’ve both had other things to do and so we’re making very little progress. It doesn’t help that the baseboards have four different colors of paint splashed on them and some sort of something that looks like bong resin smeared randomly around. No primer up yet.

Kid made $73 as her part of the bake sale. I started to ask her what she put in the brownies, but I didn’t think I wanted to explain that joke. She could sell ice water to Inuits.

The phone company we’ve used up to now has started adding random charges to our bill — services we don’t have, calls we haven’t placed. I anticipate having to sit on hold all day tomorrow to cancel our land-line and internet service and the whole situation is pissing me off. I expect that we’ll wind up owing them money just to get out. Once I kill the phone/internet, I might be off-line for a while until we figure out whether we want to spend the money for home wireless again.

I bought beer yesterday and forgot to load it into my car so someone got a nice 12-pack of Newcastle Brown for free.

I haven’t had a moment to book any of the follow-up labwork or mammogram or anything since last Monday.

I am grouchy as a bear.


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Make time for the tests. Sorry, I don’t mean to be the guidance counselor.

Re: the phone company. Insist on speaking to their retention department, if they have one (verizon does) and give them shit. They will often back down and make the adjustments. It can’t hurt to ask.

Comment by democommie

Let me guess: they’re making cranes?

Comment by Rachel

Yes. They are making cranes. They have the “how to” sheets and ran through it once at school, but when she came back home this weekend, she only thought she remembered how to do it. The internet, she is not much help.

Luckily, we now have that part straightened out.

Comment by bridgett

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