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The Republic of Redneckia
September 10, 2008, 11:17 am
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What happens when a guy with a book to sell meets up with a BBC audience eager to learn more about these people called rednecks. Next we’ll be having Jeff Foxworthy appearing before the House of Commons to dispense some folksy foreign policy advice.



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The British are endlessly fascinated with pockets of American culture that to them are definitively American. Country Music, Rednecks, hyper-Gun culture, Westerns and soap operas are big Americophile business over there.

Comment by Katherine Coble

The Germans, even more so. They still read Karl May books and take them seriously!

Comment by nm

The Germans who play cowboys and Indians are crazy-hilarious. They have a really big branch of Westerners International in Germany.

Comment by bridgett

Which is why Americana artists and over-the-hill country acts can make a fortune over there. And why Jason Ringenberg had to write “Rebel Flag in Germany.”

Comment by nm

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