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All this talk of elitism and talking down to people got me to thinking…
September 10, 2008, 8:59 pm
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about how ridiculous the rhetoric is. I don’t WANT someone ordinary running my country. It is an extraordinarily challenging job and I want someone extraordinary. We can see what happens when someone not so special (except in that euphemistic way that we talk about certain children being “special” when we plan to treat them as anything but) gets the job — someone who might be great at another line of work, like groundskeeper at a baseball park or shoe salesman or any other perfectly honest occupation has made a lousy President. I’ve had it up to my ears with dumb and folksy; that’s not common, that’s stupid. Common is poor and not proud, stuck in a bad job with no education and a future full of going to work and coming home and a six-pack on the weekend. Neither of the candidates (and none of the people yapping on talk radio or TV or in the print media about condescending or uppitty behavior, language, attitude) will ever be like common people:

Mildly sacreligious imagery in this one. If you’re bothered by a couple of seconds of Monty Python grade use of the crucified Christ, don’t click.

Oh, and I was reminded of this song thanks to the comments over at Edge of the West. If you don’t read them, use my blogroll to check them out.)


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I see that Edge of the West people took the video from the comments and gave it its own post. It really is that awesome of a song. I think the Shatner/Jackson version is better than Pulp’s original.

Ok, Jean, this is your cue to alert the Army that pod people are among us. I have just said that I like something Shatner sang.

Comment by bridgett

Holy Gawd. I loathe Shat these days…the man will do anything for facetime, anything. (But the Real Journalist will not hear any evil spoken of Shatner in his hearing…Bro-ther. I has created a monster.

Comment by imfunny2


I love it! The ADD makes it orgasmic.

Comment by democommie

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