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September 8, 2008, 1:34 pm
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It would be hard to overstate my mother’s dislike for Barack Obama. She thinks he’s…well, she thinks he’s uppity. There it is. She would say that he’s too big for his britches or that he looks down his nose at people or what all…but she loves a guy like Bill Bradley and thinks he’s cerebral. Draw your own conclusions about the difference between those eggheads. She was absolutely NOT going to vote for him, no way, no how. She had reluctantly concluded she would have to stay home after the beating that Hillary took.

Palin’s nomination, though, got her off the fence. She’s voting Democratic. “That small-minded biddy shouldn’t be allowed to be a dogcatcher, much less second in line for the Presidency. Couldn’t he have found a woman with more experience? Is that really the best the Republican Party could do?”
She listened to Palin’s speech and found it mean-spirited and content-less and she rightly points out that McCain said nothing about the economy and nothing she liked about the war. (She would like to see all the money that goes into blowing things up redirected into education.) And she thinks Governor Palin should have thought about her desire for a high-profile political career before she had five kids to neglect.

So, I don’t know. If Palin was supposed to appeal to rural white culturally conservative white women, that tactic really backfired in a big old way with my mother. So, thanks, Senator McCain. You’ve healed the breach between me and my mom this election year.


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It suddenly occurred to me:

Take the Church Lady.
Raise the pitch of her voice.
Make her sarcastic and perky rather than sarcastic and dour.
Give her brown hair.

I give you Sarah Palin.

Comment by Gerald

In other words, what would happen if the Church Lady was in her 40s and from Alaska?

Yeah. But definitely the dance is the same.

Comment by bridgett


Finally, a marvelous thing to come out of the Palin pick…

I miss your mom. The next time you talk with her, tell her I said hi!

Comment by imfunny2

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