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September 5, 2008, 8:33 am
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The jobless rate is at a 5-year high, with 605,000 jobs lost in the first eight months of the year and layoffs picking up speed as the year rolls along.

If you want to see what that actually looks like county by county, the Bureau of Labor Statistics produced a truly frightning map for us visual learners. (I love this type of graphic representation, since I think it’s a lot more transparent than national statistics.) Although the national rate is at 6.1%, many rural counties are experiencing 10-15% unemployment.

The BBC also reports (unlike US papers) that former optimistic projections of gently sloping job losses have had to be revised sharply downward. These projections (which are somewhat partisan in their creation and manipulation) understated job losses by 40%.

As the job goes, so does health care. When you lose your job, you move a step closer to losing your home. In the north, we’re already trying to figure out how local families will pay for heat this winter.

It’s the economy. It’s pretty inescapable. If you like lovely easy-to-understand graphics that explain what’s going on with the deficit, with home prices, with inflation…here’s some.


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