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The Two Percent Solution?
September 4, 2008, 8:45 am
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Really? There are only 36 black delegates out of the 1800 or so voting members of the Republican National Convention? 2%?! That’s the best they could do?

You’ll notice that they keep showing the same black men and women over and over. I think I counted about 18 shown in close-ups during both Giuliani’s and Palin’s speeches — which, it turns out, accounts for about 50% of the black delegates in attendance.

But you know how liberal the media is, always trying to misrepresent the Republican Party and show it in the worst possible light when it comes to its lack of racial diversity.

Sad. Just sad.

Edited to add: Appears the problem is lack of bench strength. One brown-skinned governor goes AWOL due to a hurricane and the whole charade falls apart.


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One commenter on Shakesville noted that s/he was doing a shot for each non-Caucasian face shown in the audience, and was still sober.

Comment by nm

BobbyRaj Jindal is Indian-MerKKKin and they can go either way depending on faith, money and political affiliation.

Comment by democommie

Rudy got so mean and nasty, whipping the crowd into a heated frenzy. The nearly entirely white crowd was getting so pissed off that it seemed that if all of a sudden Obama walked on the stage, they’d lynch him.

Comment by Ben


I’m sure your numbers are wrong. There had to have been hundreds of black and sortabrown folks at the GOPalin convention. Who else would do all of the menial chores? Oh, did you mean just as delegates? Sorry!

Comment by democommie

Rudy is a mean and nasty person. Whipping people up to hate others is his specialty. He was my mayor once, and I watched him raise the nastiness level in the city non-stop.

Comment by nm

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