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Why the election has to be about the issues
September 3, 2008, 9:12 pm
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Over 27,424 Tennessee families lost their homes to foreclosure in the first seven months of the year, a number that is set to skyrocket in the next few months. Thousands of Tennessee homeowners are now 90 days behind on their mortgage payments and will be evicted before the election. California is worse, way worse – 71, 296 families have lost their homes so far in 2008. Cleveland, Ohio is a ghost town.

It’s not like these people just move into their other home. They don’t have Other Homes, like some people who claim to understand the problems of ordinary people.

You want real problems? Paying $118 a month to the Stor-N-Loc people because otherwise your furniture is going to sit out in the rain and it’s all you’ve got left. That’s a real problem. I’m amused that some dingaling can (allegedly) field dress a moose (like it’s some big trick to skin out game or something), but I’m not hiring her to be a field guide. I’d be a hell of a lot more impressed if she knew anything about national fiscal policy. Instead, everything I read about the Republican “plan” (such as it is) can be summed up in four words: sucks to be you.

Taxes…well, I already wrote about taxes. Republicans are getting clobbered on the tax issue and so they want to change the subject. Sarah Palin is their attempt to change the subject. Change the subject, lose the election.

And how about that war? That really endlessly expensive war that obligates us to pay earned benefits to the men and women we’re blowing up for what exactly? We have 150,000 troops in uniform and nearly 200,000 more people on the US payroll — you’re paying them. Why? What is our strategic mission? How are we accomplishing that mission? What measures are we using to demonstrate progress? How do we know we are done? At what cost are we willing to do this and to what greater ideological or economic end?

Honest to Betsy. Do you really think that the Republican ticket has the will to ask tough questions and get them answered?

My sources from the American Political Science Association annual meeting came back home bearing no end of juicy campaign gossip. It appears to the professionals that McCain’s campaign is in complete disarray thanks to strident factionalism between three wings of advisors. He likes the tension, enjoys playing them off each other, keeping his own people in the dark…not exactly the kind of guy any of them want for a boss. The mess in the first day of the convention was symptomatic of the crap that is happening constantly. Having to compete in all 50 states is about going to kill them.

Honestly, it’s the economy. Noun, verb, woman all you like, but women make less on average than men do, and when you’re making $8/hr, paying $4 a gallon for gasoline, and $3/hour for childcare…honey, you’re going to be wanting some answers.


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I’m not sure where I heard it, but one commenter said it will be okay if Sarah Palin get’s elected and then universal suffrage gets repealed. She (the commenter was a woman) said, “Yep, we can just cross, “Get a woman in the WH off the list and move on”

The reptilicans are in a shitizzy over this because those who are sane are tearing out their hair and the base is getting ready to go on credit fueled shopping sprees which they won’t have to worry about paying for because of the Rapture.

Have you seen/heard the video clip with Peggy Noonan and a couple of other GOP apparatchiks talking about what a boneheaded move Palin’s selection was? They didn’t know their mics were still hot.

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