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Are you the betting type?
September 3, 2008, 8:39 am
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And I don’t mean the bet offered by Busybusybee about the longevity of Governor Palin on the Republican ticket…

I mean, do you like to gamble? Really like to gamble? Fourteen hours at a time?

Our Republican presidential candidate does, according to a profile published in The New Yorker in 2005:

The moment the car stopped at McCain’s hotel in downtown New Orleans, he set out at his usual fast clip for Harrah’s, across the street. McCain is an avid gambler. Wes Gullett, a close friend who worked for McCain for years, told me that they used to play craps in Las Vegas in fourteen-hour stints, standing at the tables from 10 a.m. to midnight. “Craps is addictive,” McCain remarked, and he headed for the fifteen-dollar-minimum-bet tables. At the most obvious level, the game is incredibly simple—players rotate turns throwing the dice, and you either win or lose depending on what number comes up. But McCain’s betting formula makes it much more complicated. “Uh-oh!” he cried, as a player accidentally threw the dice off the table. “This is a very, very superstitious game,” he said. When his turn came to throw the dice, he picked them up and blew on them first. He had placed chips on the number 5, so (envisioning a combination of 2 and 3) he called, “Michael Jordan! Michael Jordan!”

If you’re gambling fourteen hours in a row, buddy, (especially craps, where you’re not to have food or drink with you at the rail) you have a problem. Michael Jordan indeed.


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Hello Warren G. Harding! He probably would have preferred Palin over Coolidge if he had been given the choice. Why doesn’t the New York Times ever report this stuff?

Comment by busybusybee

One of the oldest cliches in the book, marrying an heiress and gambling away the money… sheesh.

Comment by Penny

I think this fits with the decision about Palin. The vetting process was quick and by most accounts was heavily influenced by McCain’s personal sense of her as a kiondred spirit. He has said that he makes quick gut-decisions and is willing to live with the consequences.

My problem is that he is asking us all to live with those consequences. I think the Presidency is an office where 99% of the decisions should be the result of slow deliberation fueled by good research and quality advice.

Comment by Gerald

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