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Things that made me laugh
September 2, 2008, 7:00 pm
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…because I am, as the title of the blog suggests, wicked. The second ‘graph serves as a handy compendium of background research on this week’s political news.

As one of the commentators over there said, McCain surely has the pitiful fuckup vote nailed down.

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“Todd Palin looks to me like any anonymous NASCAR fan, so in my head he already has the IQ of a sock.”

That’s funny but I’ve never met a sock with that I thought that little of.

Comment by democommie

Hey, I watch NASCAR! It’s one of the only times you can hear southern voices on TV…

Comment by bridgett

Hey, democommie:

I tend to wear socks until they disintegrate, so I may have been comparing Mr. Palin to a sock to which he ought not be compared.


Comment by Jason B

Hey, this sounds like that liberal elitism!

Of, wait, I am a liberal elitist… but I still like NASCAR.

Comment by Gerald

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