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New worries for voting machines
September 1, 2008, 8:35 pm
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At least in NY, the new voting machines for disabled voters are not working correctly and the
state is way behind in complying with the Help Americans Vote Act. The machines are described as “skittish” and the results easily corrupted.

So if Albany County goes Republican despite having one of the most robust Democratic machines in the nation, you’ll know what happened.


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Bridgett, do they still have the big old go in, pull the curtain, manually flip all the switches and then pull the big lever voting machines in Albany County? We still used them in NYC when I lived there and I loved them — pulling that lever really made you feel like you’d voted. They’re pretty easy to hack/falsify, but only by someone physically manipulating them. Seems that it would be easier to have them under a bipartisan watch than all this worrying about hacking of computerized systems.

Comment by nm

Yes, that’s the kind of machine I vote in. I really like the big mechanical clunk and the sound of the curtain retracting when you pull the big red lever. Plus, I let my kid throw the lever (like my mom let me) after I set all the switches and she walks away with a “hey, I voted” feeling too.

Comment by bridgett

Where I voted in St. Louis we had punch cards, which we then dropped into a ballot box. That was a good feeling, and and action that kids could assist with. But nothing as cool as pulling the lever. Is this just the impact of old movies, or is there something physiological happening with the lever pull? Inquiring minds want to know….

Comment by nm

Turns out that there may be good cultural and historical reasons for US women to be so committed to lever voting:

This is just a neat website anyhow. I’ll have to look around to see if there’s research into something neurological or physiological; my guess is that we have a strong muscle memory of satisfaction and pride that comes from throwing the lever and hearing the sounds of the switches resetting and curtain retracting.

Comment by bridgett

Bridgett, what a fantastic link. Not the old movies, then — the history books. That and the full sensory experience.

Comment by nm

Since Denver completely lost any hope of doing any automated voting in 2006 (local scandal, too long to go into) I was overjoyed to find paper, non punchcard ballots (and privacy sleeves to help slide them into the box) when I voted in the local primary in August.

Comment by imfunny2

Simple is good.

Comment by bridgett

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