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A question of strategy
September 1, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Which party wins if Mr and Mrs Undecided (those not already brand loyal to shopping at Republimart or Demotarget) gets completely disgusted and just decides to stay home?

No, really. I’m asking. Is it ever a viable campaign strategy to demobilize voters? And if so, is this what we’re seeing here?

I’ve been talking this election over with my husband and he remarked that this one has all the hallmarks of a Bob Dole shitcanning. You know the plotline — an old guy who nobody really thinks is the strongest candidate that they can put forward taking one for the team at the end of an unpopular presidency when a new guy is surging on the other party’s ticket. But hey, living in New York makes you see politics at a certain slant, as does living in Tennessee, I guess.

Kleinheider is right. I do not understand the logic whereby this disaster-a-day calendar of a VP nomination can be somehow converted into “she’s better than cheddar cheese with pie” by the end of the week. The only hallmark of the “conservative mind” (I don’t believe there is such a thing, since there’s too many different strains of conservative thought, most of which are at war with one another) that this appointment might speak to is “unwillingness to admit mistakes and rechart course in light of new information.”


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What I can’t help but wonder, too, is this. If it’s true that McCain wanted Leibermann or Ridge and that he felt enormous pressure from the religious wing of the party to get someone more to their liking instead…

Here’s what I wonder. Say you’re McCain and you still believe what you said bad during your last run–that the religious wing of the party is ruining the party–but you’ve tried to make your peace with them, only to find that there is no making peace. They want to tell you how to run things. And you’re not a person who likes to be told how to run things.

Is there a point when, once it sinks in that you probably aren’t going to win, your campaign becomes about taking the religious right down with you?

Comment by Aunt B.

Yeah, one of his advisers is quoted in this morning’s papers as “John didn’t get his way” (selecting either Lieberman or Ridge) “and so that’s why we got her.” So now the RNC is nominating the third choice of a third choice. Awesome ticket.

Maybe he’s pursuing the “first you cut a deal and then you screw ’em” tack. If he doesn’t win, he doesn’t get to play and the chances are good that he’ll be too old for a second term — are we really going to put a 79 year old into office for another four grueling years? He’s not going to run again. This is it. So, if he’s the poker player I think he is, the play is to win at whatever cost and then cut them loose — he won’t need them again.
It’s sort of like the bad boyfriend. If they’ve screwed over someone to get with you, they’ll screw you over on the way out the door.

Comment by bridgett

Well, as for McCain wanting Lieberman on the ticket but not getting him, everything I’ve heard says that that’s true, but that it was Lieberman’s decision: a week or ten days ago there was a story going around that McC offered L the VP position and L said he was touched and honored but he wanted McC to win and knew that he (L) was the kiss of death to him so no thanks. (Which may mean that L is more of a mensch than I’ve been giving him credit for, but probably means that he knows McC will lose, and hopes that the Democrats don’t win big enough in the Senate to lose all his committee memberships.)

As for people staying home, it so often hurts the Democrats that I’m a little ironically pleased to see that this time around the Republicans are convinced that it’ll hurt them instead.

Comment by nm

This probably approache heinousness, but I think that the so called “social conservatives” (in reality they’re misanthropic reactionaries) would have made really good, “Good Germans”.

Comment by democommie

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