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Not that this was a cynical choice…no, no…
August 31, 2008, 2:08 pm
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and not that this means that he’s willing to sell out a good friend, because it would have been beyond maverick-ness to choose a Jewish pro-abortion Democrat as a Republican running mate and nobody really could have believed he would have carried through with that…but the last thing I want in a president is a guy with an itchy trigger finger when it comes to the big decisions (like who might succeed him if he croaks in office).

It makes me like him a little better that he entertained the notion of putting Lieberman on the ticket. It makes me like him less that he didn’t have the balls to go on and do it.


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There’s nothing about Joe Lieberman that could induce me to vote for him.

McCain’s pick of Palin is making a lot of folks scratch their heads. Of course, predictably, the reichwingers are saying this is a brilliant move–yeah like replacing Curly with Shemp.

Comment by democommie

Let me be clear. I dislike Lieberman pretty much start to finish. What I thought indicated some glimmer of personal depth was McCain’s toying with the idea of ignoring party distinctions and going for a person that he actually likes and thinks he can work with (even if I find them both unpalatable as leaders).

Eh, maybe I’m just imagining this.

Comment by bridgett

I know! Right!

Comment by patti


Yes, in that I think you’re right on the money. I think that Puppetmaster Rove knew that Lieberman was a non-starter with the fundie base. This pick is either a stroke of political genius or the product of a stroke.

Comment by democommie

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