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August 30, 2008, 9:58 pm
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Palin as a Mary Sue. (For those of you who don’t know what a Mary Sue is, here you go) and what that means when a candidate is primarily being created out of wish-fulfillment narratives. How many people have you read in the last 36 hours defending this woman like she’s their best friend when really, they have read the same four paragraphs on her that everyone else has and had never heard of her before 10 am on Friday?

One of my media analyst friends referred to this as “stuntcasting for sweeps week.”

Oh, and Krista from Minneapolis is creating a list of citizen media groups that are being harassed and arrested in the lead-up to the RNC for things like possessing wire, razor blades, and feces in their homes. (Woops. I think that makes anyone reading this a potential terrorist.) There have been many times that I want to hit John’s radio sweetheart (Amy Goodman) upside the head with an anti-hysteria stick, but the Minneapolis cops are wasting their time if they think they’re going to intimidate her off the air. She don’t scare worth a damn.


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Oh, and it occurs to me that Gustav’s leading edge should be making landfall right when Bush is talking in Minneapolis and if the storm is large and destructive (and I hope it’s not), the main news coverage isn’t going to be on the RNC.

Comment by bridgett

Thanks for the link! I’m about to put up a morning edition soonish — evidently there are snatch squads on the streets arresting people for conspiracy to riot.

Comment by Krista

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