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You would not believe how many hits I’m getting
August 29, 2008, 5:13 pm
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…from those hunting for pictures of Sarah Palin’s boobs. By contrast, I received no hits at all looking for pictures of Joe Biden’s penis.

We’ve sure come a long way in American politics.


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Just curious … why would people hunt for Sarah Palin’s boobs on your site???

Weird. After I did a post on people abandoning their pets during in the mortgage crisis, I got tons of hits for people searching for “people doing animals.”

Ewwww … just …. ewwwww.

Comment by Southern Beale

Because I wrote a post that used the word “boobs” yesterday and a post about Sarah Palin today. The way that Google works, that’s sufficient to direct people here when they are searching for the string “Sarah Palin boobs.”

Dang. I said it again.

Comment by bridgett

I’m not sure you mentioned “penis” and “Joe Biden” before, though. Can we really say all the data is in yet?

Comment by Gerald

No, true enough. But now we’ve all said “Biden penis” several times, so I guess I’ll see. I guess for the purpose of pure experimentation, I should also plant things like “Biden sex scandal.” “Biden hookers blow” and “hope Biden keeps his dick in his pants.” You know, just to keep the playing field level.

Comment by bridgett

I typed “Biden penis” and was directed to Larry Craig’s website.

Comment by democommie

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