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Putting on the big girl pants
August 29, 2008, 8:51 pm
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Today was one of those days where I resolved to fix broken things. Therefore, I booked a gyn appointment, bought a new pair of tennis shoes, went out and took a walk, and dragged the mss off the shelf and at least leafed through it. I’m not actually going to be free to work on it until Thursday, when Kid goes back to school, and I’m not going to sweat that — I’ll be happy to be with Kid during these waning days of summer and work like hell after she goes back. However, I can get my head around the work that will need to be done.

I just wish my sabbatical-ness was being respected. My department has asked me to do a report for NCATE (with apologies of course, but with a big dollop of “but we really really want you to do this”) in the next week. Moreover, despite my best intentions, I’m still program chair. Long story, not worth telling, but there it is. Trying not to get hung up on this or whine, just wastes energy. Do what has to be done, move through it calmly. Easier said than done.


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Ugh! Why would you need to do an NCATE report? I thought it was only the School of Ed?

That sucks that you’re still program chair.

It’s funny/sad how jaded I’ve become in 2 short years. We have 2 new faculty and I’ve had to hold my tongue several time so that they won’t be biased about the way things work.

Comment by Angela Gordon

I teach one of the required social studies 7-12 courses. And, I suspect, I’m the one who has the time to actually write the report.

The crazy thing is that we’re writing a report for our “new” curriculum that’s been in place only two semesters. Our number of students going through has been so small and so recent that I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to write an assessment that means anything about an “n” of 15 first-years. Regrettably, three people plagiarized and failed the course the second semester, which is not to mention the few that did poorly on their own merits. There’s no place on the NCATE forms to discuss the specific ways in which people fail to meet the standards, which to me would be an important piece of understanding a program’s efficacy.

Not to mention that if all your required courses are taken by first-year students, they might not be as plugged in to college-level performance and dealing with maturity/transitional issues. If you don’t follow a cadre through their coursework as they mature, how do you understand their development and how they prepare themselves to use their knowledge over time?

Gotta say, too, that there are some students who enter our program that don’t have the prep or the willingness to do what it takes to learn “content.” They might not be cut out to be teachers, lacking either the ethics or the temprament to succeed in the field. Is it a deficiency of our program if we identify those students in these early classes and get them out of the teaching stream and into some field in which they’ll have better chances? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

AIE. There I go again. I’m wasting time and energy thinking about this ridiculous stuff rather than just cranking it out.

Comment by bridgett

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