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August 28, 2008, 9:21 am
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I got aggravated with my husband a couple of months ago for his “no, I can make this thing work in a way it was never designed to do if I just string a little more cord across the living room floor…honest, I know it looks weird that I have to run upstairs to change the disc, but isn’t the resolution from that computer screen incredible?” and did something spontaneous like buy a new DVD player.

I didn’t do a month of research, I didn’t comparison shop at all the local electronics stores, I didn’t dither or look up specs. I stopped my cart in the Target aisle, threw the cheapest one by a reputable company in the cart, and kept on trucking. It’s a Phillips and it was under $40.

Immediately, it simplified everything. Our living room stopped looking like a ham radio swapfest. Our Kid could use it without assistance. The picture was great. Even my husband, who felt a little wounded that I would just up and make a tech purchase so impulsively, had to admit that it worked out. So I felt pretty smug.

However, he is having the last laugh. In doing some research (he’s compulsive on tech issues) on the DVD player that I so carelessly purchased, he found out how easy and quick it is to make it a Region zero player so that we can watch DVDs produced in Europe and Asia as well as the US. This is a piece of tech that he’s been drooling over for years and sad that he can’t afford it. And now, there it is, sitting in his living room already plugged in to the TV.

Now I’m going to have to watch an endless parade of vintage Dr. Who. Dammit.


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I did a few hours of research before buying mine just to be sure I could set it to region free. Mine is also a Phillips and I bought it two years ago for about $50.

After that I could watch my “Starcops” DVDs. I believe your husband and I once watched this stuff on my lousy third-hand VHS copy back in the day. If he wants to see them again, I’m quite willing to send them up there. I know how much you would also enjoy more British SF goodness…

Comment by Gerald

Hardee har har. No, really, you don’t have to…

The new Dr. Who series is pretty good, though, so it’s not a total loss. I have a “guess you had to be there” relationship with old British sci-fi…I understand that it’s important to people and that it may be significant in the development of the genre, but it’s like watching bad 1970s children’s TV or reading pulp Star Trek novels or something. I might have enjoyed those when I was a kid if I’d had the opportunity, but I just don’t derive much pleasure from it now and it doesn’t hit my nostalgia bone because it wasn’t part of my past.

Comment by bridgett

Dr. Who? Red Dwarf, maybe, but no Dr. Who on my teevee (if I ever buy one).

Comment by democommie

John loves Red Dwarf. The final season kind of peters out, but when the cast was on, it’s hard to find more funny TV.

Comment by bridgett

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