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A short undershirt
August 28, 2008, 1:24 pm
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Really. That’s all it is. It is not, in any sense of the word, a training bra. There is nothing to train. Boobs need no training and she has no boobs, thus she needs no bra.

I did not buy this. She needs no bra. It came to us in a bunch of hand-me-downs from one of her friends and it had been folded neatly and laid carefully at the top of the bag by the former owner, where it was enthroned in all its t-shirty-ness and was the first thing plucked out of the pile. Kid thundered upstairs and now I hear her wrestling herself into it, trying to figure out how to put it on.

It’s just a short undershirt. No growing up of this sort is happening in my house, at least not this year. Never mind that today, on her school visit, she picked out a locker next to her best friend which just happened to be also adjacent to the boy she has been sweet on since second grade. I’m sure that was just a coincidence.


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I said something very similar to this, till daughter appeared at the back door one day ready to leave, wearing a white t-shirt. It was then I knew that things had most definitely changed, forever.

I like “Camisole”. It sounds sooooo sophisticated!

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