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Whoa. Back up the truck.
August 27, 2008, 3:00 pm
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There is a medical condition that has, as symptoms, abnormally heavy periods, weight gain, and inappropriate facial hair in women? That’s not just called being Irish?

Seriously. I mean, I guess I knew about PCOS in that I had read about it someplace but I really didn’t apply that knowledge to my own body like maybe I might have if I was less…you know…stupid about my own health care.

Maybe I should just go on to the gynecologist.


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I thought it was just called being German, but apparently not. It does not explain, however, why my hair has looked like Rebecca Harding Davis all week. I might need to switch shampoos or something.

Comment by Aunt B.

Um, I should be clear: My hair looks like Rebecca Harding Davis’s hair, not like Rebecca Harding Davis. If my hair spontaneously took the shape of pre-Civil War Southern women, I’d be hitting the reenactor circuit to make some extra money.

Comment by Aunt B.

Did you sprout the severe center part too? Any urge to write blistering diatribes about the bloodied paw of Capital? Are you speaking like a West Virginian, calling ditchweeds “filth” and such? Doesn’t RHD’s name sound like she should be an Australian model/actress from the 1980s? Can I compose a comment completely of questions?

Comment by bridgett

Yeah, I’ve got all the symptoms as well except for the infertility part. It’s very annoying because I’ve got PCOS, dammit! Diagnose me already!

Comment by Angela Gordon

Yeah, I had no trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant, fortunately. I’ll just have to haul my ladyparts to a medical doctor and find out what’s what.

Comment by bridgett

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