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A good tired.
August 27, 2008, 12:26 pm
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John and I took Kid and her BFF to the amusement park yesterday. BFF is a lovely kid — even-tempered, self-aware, articulate — but not what one would call a thrill-seeker. Our kid? Wants to ride everything, all the time, standing up hands free with her eyes closed if she were allowed to do so.

BFF is also so polite and easy-going that it’s hard to know if she’s really having a good time or if she’s about to pass out from fatigue and hunger and thirst. Kid is up-front about what she wants — “hey, I’m hungry!” or “Can we get a bottle of water?” — but when you’re someone’s guest, I guess it’s hard to be direct. Her parents are hyper-attentive people, though, so I am guessing that she’s used to adults anticipating her bodily needs. I am a bit stressed out by taking her places, since I never know if she’s really not very hungry or just unwilling to tell me that she doesn’t like chicken fingers and fries. (Her parents are very healthy eaters and while we aren’t rolling Kid in chip dip every night, we have been known to eat fried food and candy when we’re at an amusement park.) I think that you have to be careful when you’re raising kids that you prepare them to function in places and at times when there is no organic strawberry smoothies and nobody thinks you’re all that special — while also raising them to be secure in the knowledge that you think that they are the most special thing ever.

Anyhow, we amusement parked it all day (lovely sunny day, hovered right around 70, no lines even on the coasters) and now I’m just whipped. I need to go out and get some groceries and some wine for dinner, but I’m aching to take a nap.

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