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Hot Damn!
August 25, 2008, 8:50 pm
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Reader Nick has some big news. He’s relocating to NYC at the end of the week, a result of his indefatigable drive for independent living, college completion, and a fuller life than he can get in the disability-hostile state of Alabama. He’ll be stepping into temporary residence at a nationally known center for vent care and thereafter moving into independent housing and wrapping up his degree.

Although I’ve only met him on-line, I am so damn impressed. Mazeltov!

Now, to honor his hard work, go read what he has to say about the Community Choice Act and why you should be working for its passage. We are all either disabled, on our way to being disabled, caring for someone we know who is disabled, or some combination of the three. This is care that makes sense, not only because it’s just and what you’d want to have happen to you but also because it saves a whole lot of money that’s currently wasted.


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Wow!! Thanks so much for the props. I hope to accomplish much more that can be highlighted here.

Comment by Nick Dupree

And if you’re ever in NYC, have lunch with me and my girlfriend or something; would be cool. 🙂

Hope you’re well!


Comment by Nick Dupree

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