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August 24, 2008, 1:32 pm
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Pile into the wayback machine with me, kids. Way back at the dawn of time, maybe in 1978 or so, Howard Cosell had a variety show on ABC. I was not allowed to watch much TV, but I think my parents had some sort of Ed Sullivan nostalgia going on or a hunger for family entertainment or maybe it was that there really was nothing else on TV on Saturday night. This show was awful, though I didn’t know it at the time. It has existed mainly through the much-more successful parody show on NBC, also known as “Saturday Night Live.”

Sullivan had introduced the Beatles. Cosell would introduce us to the Bay City Rollers. Sullivan had comics. Cosell hired Bill Murray and Christopher Guest, neither of whom really were shown to best advantage. Sullivan showcased Broadway hits. Cosell hired Chita Rivera, who was wasted in this dog of a show.

However, I have a memory of the band that was more or less Cosell’s house band. For all I know, this was supposed to be an ironic parody of bands like Ambrosia and 10cc and other mid-tempo mid-70s artsy bands, but I took it dead seriously. That’s the thing about irony — when you lack the reference points, cruel comedy feels like drama. The only song that I can remember that they performed was a song whose chorus went “It’s like dancing on ice, it’s like dancing on ice, it’s like (fish?) or like fire when you can’t (something something — possibly ending in “vice”).”

Anybody know who this band was?


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is it this song?

Comment by Nick Dupree

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