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August 24, 2008, 11:58 am
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Clearly I was reading the BBC this morning…

Anyhow, I know when I think of small towns in Serbia, Bob Marley always comes to mind. Is there any logic to the figures that they sculpt? Bruce Lee? Rocky? Rocky isn’t even a real person, for Christ’s sake. Is there a long tradition of making these sort of figures to dispel bad ju-ju and if so, how long have the Serbians been turning to pop culture characters popular in the US? What type of figures did they used to construct?


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On a slightly related tangent:

A couple of years ago I had my African history students attend a lecture by an art scholar who had just returned from an extended trip to Mali. In the area she visited it was customary for women who had lost a child to carry a small figurine for a period of time. In the past these had been carefully crafted from wood. Now, they are usually these absolutely anonymous plastic baby-dolls a few inches long that are mass-produced in Europe or the US.

There was something just chilling about that to me – the way one of the most disposable pieces of crap produced by our consumer culture has become such an intimate part of grief rituals there.

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