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Good person after all
August 24, 2008, 11:50 am
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Those of you who have known me for a while know that there are few people in the world that I detest more than Margaret Thatcher. She was a ruthless martinet who exacted punishment on entire populations showing pity for none. I confess that when an Irish grad student of mine created a Facebook guestlist for a party to be held the Saturday after her death, I signed right up and felt no qualm about the celebration of her departure toward eternal justice.

However poetically fitting her dementia and slide to utter dependence is, however just it is that she must discover anew each day that her husband is dead, I still am touched and saddened by her confusion and love.

Maybe we all can be redeemed after all.


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I’m not sure her love means she’s a good person after all. She was still a ruthless martinet.

Comment by Nick Dupree

Well, no…actually, I meant me. My hatred is not so absolute that I can’t feel pity at the horror of having to discover, time after time, that your husband is dead. It’s one of those cosmic punishments that seems — even for her — too excessive.

So maybe I’m not as badass as I thought I was.

Comment by bridgett

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