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It’s ok, really.
August 22, 2008, 9:48 pm
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For the first time in forty years, September will come and I will not be heading into a classroom of some sort.

I’ll be doing academic work, doing some preparing for teaching and finishing up some writing projects, but I won’t actually be sharpening those pencils and putting them in the bag. No need for new underwear. No scuffing in the morning dew, getting those new shoes wet and strung with cut grass. No wearing sweaters in the morning, only to tie them around my waist by 10 am. No checking out the campus, the new flowers planted, the fresh new bulletin boards.

And I’m ok with that. I’ve got other things that I want to do. I never thought I’d get to a time when going to school wouldn’t be my very first choice of something to do, but I guess I’m really there.


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Is it something like playing hooky and getting paid? Let me know if you’d like to sharpen up your “hurting yourself with building materials” skilz.

Smell the roses, drink the coffee, vote for Obama (please).

Comment by democommie

It’s been 41 years for me. Wow. i never thought about it that way…

(I remeber seeing the sign for your college’s exit on the throughway when I was driving through your town recently. I was thinking, I know someone who teaches there!)

Comment by patti

Demo…yeah, I’m still planning on voting for Obama. Not wild about Biden, but opposed pretty much categorically to McCain’s policy proposals.

Comment by bridgett

You’ll be missed!

With less than 42 hours until I walk into Sci 251, I swore that this would be my last chance at R&R. Yeah, um, I’ve spent most of the day getting my Blackboard pages ready and downloading activities.

Comment by Angela Gordon


I saw your post over at Mack’s. I’m not crazy about eiher of them, but I’m also not crazy.

Comment by democommie

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