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August 20, 2008, 10:18 am
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I unsubscribed from MoveOn today. I realized that I hadn’t been reading any of their “we’re so cool” messages for months and I usually only pay attention to them when I’m aggravated with them, so what’s the point? If I’ve disengaged with what they are doing, it’s time to own up to it and remove myself from their rolls with a “good luck, y’all…”

Not the way I want to get things done, really.


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I’m still trying to figure out if they’re co-opting the DNC or whether it’s the reverse.

Comment by democommie

I think that it’s become a placeholder organization that allows the mainstream Dems to not have to change — a political “kids table” that has gotten more interested in the theater of politics than they are in substantive engagement with either their own party (or especially) those with whom they share little ideological ground.

The tough fact is that we all have to find a way to muddle through this thing together and simply screaming at your ideological opposites while hosting chic dinner parties for those clever well-groomed people who think just like you do isn’t going to cut it.

Comment by bridgett

Yea, not so relevant anymore…but I will always be proud of the work i did for them, and for their stance on the whole Clinton mess, and then the war. Nobody else was saying those things back then.

Comment by Mack

Yep. That was when I became a working member as well and I’d hung on longer than I usually would due to the “used to be” factor. I just have to put my energies elsewhere now — you gotta reorganize the activist portfolio from time to time, right?

Comment by bridgett

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