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Feeling like improving my self
August 20, 2008, 3:48 pm
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…or at very least my blog.

Here’s what Merlin Mann has to say about what makes for a good blog. Read it and come on back; I’ll be here.

Ok, so let’s assess.

1. Voice — do I have a voice? Well, I’m speaking, so yes, check. On the other hand, this isn’t a literary creation. It’s me, talking about stuff, within the constraints that I intentionally choose not to talk much about work (because it would be boring as hell to anyone who doesn’t work with me) and I intentionally don’t blog very much about my marriage (because it’s nobody’s bidness except for the person I’m married to). So, it’s an edited me and probably that’s all to the good.

For whatever it’s worth, I think I’m better as a comment-leaver than as a blogger outright. I don’t know whether that’s a function of time (to wit: I have in the back of my head two blog posts in sequence — “Why I am an Essentialist” and “Why I am not an Essentialist”, but I what I actually managed to write about it was a couple of lines over at Tiny Cat Pants) or having nothing very original to say or both.

2. Focused obsessions? Meh. Not so much. I am what I am. I write for myself. It might be selfish of me, but my waking preoccupation revolves around the experience of being present. That doesn’t lend itself to blogging, I guess.

3. I do a pretty good job of showing you interesting things. Maybe I should leave more bread crumbs.

4. Yes, I do write in paragraphs and compound complex sentences. I try not to be too blurty, but sometimes one just has to blurt. I think a good list (especially of “briefly noted” sort of thing with links) is a service. Not everything needs a detailed treatment, but might be somewhat interesting nonetheless.

5. Not really applicable. I need to work on getting more visual content here.

6. I totally agree with this, but I think that intentional weirdness is lame. My eccentricities are just, you know, what they are.

7. Yes. But I think that maybe knowing your readers and building community is more useful at the small-scale I’m at.

8. Yes, I try. I try to write for me. I’m glad you all come back to see what’s up with me.



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I like it as it is, I’m fairly certain I’ll like it if it changes.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog but that focus thing is a major impediment.

Comment by democommie

Well, the blog format is pretty ideal for short-focus. You can just say whatever’s on your mind, at whatever length you want (or whatever time you’ve got), hit post, and hey presto.

It’s like falling off a log, but without the twisting the ankle part.

Comment by bridgett

Even after a year of blogging I’m not sure I know why I’m doing it. When the combination of wanting to say something combines with feeling energetic enought to do it, poof – there’s a blog. The only people reading mine regularly seem to be a few friends and some people who feed in search strings for “Spanish Ships in Apocalypto” or “Idi Amin’s doctor” (my two big ones.) I’m cool with that. Most of the time my imagined audience is made up of that group of friends. If other people read it to and get something from it, I’m glad.

Comment by Gerald

My biggest non-friend hits are people trying to figure out how long they will be plagued by jellyfish stings and writers doing background research for their bodice-rippers (wanting to get those hygiene and sex details right, I guess). The disappointed random reader goes away empty-handed after seeking some variation of the words “big beautiful butt sex wickedness.” Sorry, you got the wrong blog.

Comment by bridgett

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