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Making the same discovery all over again.
August 19, 2008, 12:52 pm
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It’s nearly back to school time around here and so, as usual, there’s the late August “Mom, will you make me x or y?” I’ve never been a great seamstress, but I can manage simple projects given sufficient time. Like always, I say “sure.” Sucker.

You know, I really don’t enjoy sewing.

Scratch that. I really don’t enjoy sewing with my evil fabric-eating sewing machine. In fact, I feel my heart sinking at the prospect of bringing it out. I make excuses to delay starting the project. I found myself hoping that I had lost the power pedal so that I wouldn’t have to use the machine. No luck — I am fairly organized, so I knew right where I had put it after the aggravation session last year. Well, maybe I had lost the manual (I thought hopefully). No dice. Manual was nice and clean, complete with my notes and underlinings and troubleshooting ideas (because I leave a paper trail).

Four hours into this children’s “very easy” shirt, I am ready to ‘splode. My buttonholer is beyond messed up, which screwed up the stitch tension (which I can’t seem to readjust right), and I’m cussing like a construction worker who used to be in the Navy. All of a sudden, it hits me and a sense of peace floods me:

I can just do this by hand.

Yep. Every single year. It happens like this every single year and yet, I’ll drag out the machine, make myself feel badly about my lack of skill and unmom-like impatience, I’ll want to jam the project up someone’s ass (preferably the Singer machine’s designer), and then I’ll gratefully complete the project by hand and realize how much I really like sewing.

Just not with the machine.

(Also, I realize that Butterick would probably not sell so many patterns if they labeled them “ok, so this will be sort of pain in the ass, but all sewing is to some degree, and once you get past the little doohickey on the collar, it will be relatively straightforward” but I’d appreciate it. Nothing makes me feel worse than being handed a pattern labeled “beginner — very easy” that quickly devolves into techniques that I’ve never heard of.)


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Hehehe! Butterick needs that copy. There’s no such thing as a pattern easy enough for me to swan through without long tirades against, well, whatever, I’m not picky.

I’ve given up even trying to sew in August, with both kids home from school and asking for food every two seconds. BUT, I’ve discovered I can crochet on and off all day, without getting frustrated or shushing my kids or missing a phone call over the noise. So I’ve been crocheting new hats for myself and daughter (uh huh, twenty-plus hats are not quite enough for me), and altering old sweaters that didn’t thrill me into new ones that do, and getting ready for fall that way, instead. Might make a bag next….

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