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Because I’m feeling punchy from lack of sleep…
August 13, 2008, 8:46 am
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And I’ve been looking at Bob Costas’ bad dye job/rug (really, don’t care much, I’m more disturbed by his sudden change in eye color, but if you’re thinking that it must look better in HD, I’m here to tell you no, no it does not).

This made me think of the episode of Space Ghost where Bob’s “full head of hair” becomes the subject of an increasingly bizarre conversation. Maybe you had to be there, but that shit was hilarious when I was in grad school.


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Bob Costas wears a rug? Wow, it has been a while since I’ve seen him. I don’t got me no teevee, but, well, wow!

The last time I remember seeing him was when he was in “Waterboy”–one of the worst (but damned funny) movies I ever sat through–oh, wait I bought it for $2 at a closeout sale.

Comment by democommie

It’s either a toupee (the rumor) or an incredibly bad haircut coupled with a too-dark dye job. I saw him on HD the other night and man, he looks less like a sportscaster and more like a poorly pruned potted plant. Bleached teeth, Botox around the eyes, collagen injections in the face, colored contact lenses, and the hair…it’s Marv Albert city.

Comment by bridgett

I commented on this over at ‘Coma’s a few days ago, but the truth is that to me he’ll always be Young Bobby Costas who’s just a voice on KMOX and has no looks at all. But I believe that it’s a toupée.

Comment by nm

I don’t get toupees. I don’t get botox or boob jobs or any of that stuff. I mean “don’t get” as in fail to understand the reason for them. I totally understand restorative surgeries after accidents or disease processes but the other stuff? Bleached teeth?

Comment by democommie

I don’t “get” any of that stuff, either…but I’ve seen myself on high-def TV (my department has a full HDTV studio), and I can see why people who are paid to look good on TV think they need such things. HDTV is *incredibly* unforgiving; every pore and minor wrinkle and liver spot is plainly evident.

Comment by John Gruver

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