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Selling the homeplace
August 8, 2008, 11:44 am
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Looks like Mom’s going to be selling the homeplace off to one of my cousins in the next month or two. She has worked like a devil rehabbing it and getting it shored up and getting the place back into working shape, but after her recent shoulder surgery, she can’t be up on the roof hammering and throwing bales and doing what needs to be done (at least not in two places…that was her “small” farm), so she thinks she’s going to sell it to someone younger. She offered it to my brother and me, but neither of us could take it. He plans to retire in a couple of years and his wife has plans to move everyone to Mississippi, so he doesn’t need a farm in KY. As for us, it would require both of us quitting our jobs and moving to Kentucky. Fifteen years from now, that might be something we’d be interested in doing, but here in mid-stream, I can’t just pick up and do that. Maybe I’ll wish I had later.

Anyway, I guess I should feel sad about it but I don’t. There’s three cousins lined up who want to buy it and I’m sure one of them will actually have the jack to do so. All of them are good people and it’s nice to know that the place is going to remain in the family. I’m also glad that my mom is cutting back a little but not throwing it in completely. This might give her a little more freedom and she might get to travel a little more — her recent cruise gave her the travel bug, so I’m hoping she follows her impulses in that regard.


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If she’s into travel…that will be a great thing…I agree about the farm staying in the family, hopefully one if the cousins will end up there.

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