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Another home remodel post
August 8, 2008, 10:17 am
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It’s been a busy two weeks at the CPU (Casa del Profesors Universitario).

We’re in “do everything” mode where the downstairs is concerned, but let’s start with the living room. My husband and father-in-law rewired the front end of the house, grounded all the electrical outlets, and installed awesome track lighting in our heretofore way-too-gloomy living room. There are smaller lights and also a few pendants flanking the big front window — eventually, after that room gets its new paint job, there’s going to be a reading chair under one of them. We’re putting in another floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcase on the back wall of the living room and that should probably allow us to finally get all of the books in the house out of boxes and up on shelves. We put up mini-blinds, drapery rods, and curtains. For the first time in six years, I can actually decide not to look out at the street if I want to (something that I didn’t realize was bugging me until the curtains went up).
The curtains are the color of spicy red masala. The paint is picked out, but we’re about three weeks from that, I think.

Tangent: everything I am hungering for is red. Red red red. I have bought chili colored placemats for my table, red cushions for my chairs, a cherry red silk journal. John’s painting Kid’s studio a color called “Riding Hood.” Red feels like it’s filling a soul need in me now, along with the bright strong yellows of black-eyed susans and sunflowers, so I’m going with it.

Studio: John painted the ceiling (I don’t recommend Valspar ceiling paint — too drippy). After that, he installed the lights — a stylized branch with directable lights so we can spot the walls, the stereo, the barre and still have enough light for the floor itself. The supports for the barre have been installed, but we need to finish painting before final installation. It’s all primered out in grey and tomorrow we do the first coat of red. Today, Kid and I will paint more radiators.

I’ve waited half my life to know what I want and to now be in a position to have it, well…it’s just incredible.


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Congrats! It must be nice to be in the paint stage. I’m still trying to figure out whether I can afford to wainscot a lot of walls (to avoid having to tape and sand that much more shitrock.

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