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One measure of progress
August 6, 2008, 2:43 pm
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Kid watched Casablanca for the first time last night and we, like we usually do, stopped the movie whenever she had a question or wanted us to explain anything to her. During one break, right after Ilsa comes to Rick’s cafe, she began excitedly saying “I get it! I get it! She’s going to fall in love with Sam (the African-American piano player played by Dooley Wilson) because he’s a nice guy and so everyone will be able to have a happy ending!”

In 1942, when Casablanca was filmed, pretty much every little girl in the US would have known that there was no chance that Ingrid Bergman was going to hook up on film with Dooley Wilson and that an inter-racial relationship could not produce a cinematic happy ending. While we’re often justly pessimistic, I take little instances like that to hope for better things in the future.


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That’s very cool!

E & C have gotten into the vintage cartoons lately and I cringe at some of the stereotypes that were a given when those were made. I do take the opportunity to talk things out with them. Although they’re only 6 and 4, I hope some of what we talk about sinks in.

Comment by Angela Gordon

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