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Turning 700.
August 5, 2008, 2:58 pm
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In honor of my 700th post, I thought I would ask my wonderful readers a question:

Does anybody know where to buy the orange colored tea that they serve in Thai restaurants? Or, alternately, the blend of spice to use with black tea to produce that flavor?


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Description and recipe here:

One place you can order it:

Comment by nm

Thanks! I just love it and feel like a doofus when I realize that I could be brewing it at home instead of having it only a couple of times a year…

Comment by bridgett

Uh, Saigon Market, about two miles from my house? (I love LA.) I get it in a pound sack, pour it into tupperware containers, and it lasts forever. It looks like a bucket of rust, so be careful how you store it (tends to stain).

Comment by Penny

I love the internet. It gives all sorts of hints for substituting for foods I can’t get locally, like mixing cream cheese in with ricotta to approximate pot cheese.

Comment by nm

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