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Olympic stadiums look like?
August 5, 2008, 4:45 pm
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They paid architects to design these?

Swimming — a boxspring wrapped in bubblewrap.
Track – a toilet seat wrapped in duct tape.

Not impressed.


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Thank God. I thought I was just being a rube , not getting it.

Comment by Slartibartfast

We can be rubes together. The NYT today ran a wank-job article on it that included this rhapsody:

“Expect to be overwhelmed. Designed by the Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the stadium lives up to its aspiration as a global landmark. Its elliptical latticework shell, which has earned it the nickname the Bird’s Nest, has an intoxicating beauty that lingers in the imagination. Its allure is only likely to deepen once the enormous crowds disperse and the Olympic Games fade into memory.

Great architecture can never be fully conveyed through a television screen, of course, and it saddens me that so many Americans will experience the building only via satellite. In a site for mass gatherings, Herzog and de Meuron have carved out psychological space for the individual, and rethought the relationship between the solitary human and the crowd, the everyday and the heroic. However the structure attests to China’s nationalistic ambitions, it is also an aesthetic triumph that should cement the nation’s reputation as a place where bold, creative gambles are unfolding every day.”

To me, though, it really does look like a toilet seat strapped liberally with duct tape. I guess that might be a design that “carves out psychological space for the individual and rethought the relationship between the solitary human and the crowd,” but I try not to encourage “deep thinking” in our bathroom unless the fan is on.

Comment by bridgett

I try not to judge architecture (especially contemporary stuff) by pictures or plans any more, since I saw Pei’s addition to the Louvre; I had spent years talking about how ugly and out of place it looked in pictures, until I saw it with my own eyes and discovered that it was beautiful. I have to say, though, that the pictures don’t look promising.

Comment by nm

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