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July 18, 2008, 10:38 am
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In-laws are coming for a longish visit. Part of house looks like a construction site, part of house looks like Better Homes and Gardens. Unfortunately, it’s the kitchen and the bathroom that are encrapulated at the moment. MIL is, in best of circumstances, germophobic and highly particular about her surroundings. I have already bought her some new sets of towels and we’re going to recaulk the bathtub surround so that she won’t feel compelled to wear beach shoes in the shower, but I know from past experience that she will rearrange my kitchen as soon as she gets here. Today’s job is removing everything from the cabinets, vacuuming them out, and cleaning everything down with a strong bleach solution so that when she does rearrange, she won’t also break out the rubber gloves and pine cleaner before she will consent to eat at my house. (She, of course, must be the person who cooks, lest I do anything crazy like put oil or salt in her food.) I also have to deep clean and bleach the surfaces in my bedroom, which will become the guest room during the course of their stay. Ack. Ack. Ack.

Yes, I know. I should not let other people’s eccentric behavior stress me out. But she is a guest and she is my husband’s mom, so I will do what I can do to make her stay comfortable.


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(pout for you)

She comes in to your personal kitchen…the one owned by yourself,Elf and Kid? And *cooks* without permission???

As if you couldn’t figure out how to clean, use applesauce instead of oil, and spices instead of salt…

I used to think, when I was married, that I had a difficult MIL, whose worst behavior was showing up unannounced….but this one takes the cake.

Comment by imfunny2


Another reason I am not married. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, I think you have a much higher threshold for b.s. than I do and that you love your family to the extent that you will deal with stuff that you might otherwise choose to avoid.

One woman I lived with had a mother who stated quite emphatically that she didn’t like me. I think she had the idea that her statement would make me more willing to appease her; she was wrong.

Of course anyone who comes to visit with me and won’t eat my cooking is free to eat whatever they like or go out for meals, but they won’t be cooking my meals except for a “special” event.

Comment by democommie

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