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The law of unintended consequences kicking in…
July 16, 2008, 10:18 am
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Well, the home remodel is going really well. Unfortunately, the cat is completely freaked. She’s so traumatized that she has, for the very first time, started spraying on the furniture. I know it’s just a
reaction to stress, but neither of the adults have the least patience for destructive animal behaviors even if they are fully understandable. I’ve worked all my life for a nice home and I’m not going to have it all torn up by a cat. I guess that makes me a fershit animal owner, but I do privilege people before pets.

We’re trying to lessen the stress as much as possible and make her feel welcomed in the newly painted spaces. Her favorite perch was painted and she’s assertively reclaimed it. We’ve put her favorite pillow back under the piano (even though it was a hairy nightmare…I’m hoping that the removal of the hair did not also remove her scent). We’re trying to spend more time on the petting and praising (although I confess that the immediate post-spraying our leather couch scene sounded more like feeding time in the Monkey House). I hope that the extra attention will help to soothe her a little bit. Otherwise, I know my mate too well. Another repeat of the urine display (or continuing her growling and hissing at Kid) will punch her ticket to another household. Sad, but necessary — if we can’t find a way to make her feel at home in our home, she has to go somewhere else and we’ll all be happier for the parting.


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I’m not a good animal partner, which is why I don’t have any living with me. I’m with you on the need to have things not crazy.

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