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Contraception now equals abortion?
July 16, 2008, 9:56 pm
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Yes, under the new Health and Human Services proposed guidelines…at least the hormonal contraceptives that about 40% of US women use.

According to the WSJ (always late to the dance, covering reactions to the NYT breaking of the story), “This is a confidential, deliberative, pre-decisional document and does not necessarily reflect current policy efforts or plans.”

Sure it doesn’t. We’re just talking at length about what we want to do before Bush leaves the White House for no particular reason…just drafted a 39-page document that just happens to be formatted exactly like a rule change for a section of Federal Code, just happened to be thinking how we might avoid funding “morally coercive” practices like paying for emergency contraception for rape victims who ask for it (even though they aren’t informed it is their right to receive this is they wish) and funding the Pill for all those damn Indian women who managed not to be forcibly sterilized by the IHS. It’s all just coincidence…

The end of this administration cannot come too soon. The entire lot of them are a menace to me and to women and girls throughout the US.


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When these sorts of things come up, (as it seems, they regularly do, I have a mindless emotional reaction, and then about five minutes later, the brain kicks in and I say…

Do they believe that we are stupid!!! That we cannot read, write, research the ‘tubes’, or what? They must sincerely believe that we are beyond figuring this sneaky underhanded, evil,divisive, self interested, dangerous, arrogant, frightening assualt on *anyone’s right to privacy or autonomy,*

And I’m also peeved that due to FISA, not emailing a friend I have overseas anymore…Can’t, won’t just say hi anymore….no emailing. And I’m so paranoid about it can’t even tell them *why*!


Comment by imfunny2

Fixed the typo — wasn’t egregious anyhow, but lest you wonder why your other comment disappeared…

Comment by bridgett

🙂 Nicely done…

Comment by imfunny2

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