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I’d have been an ideal wife in the 1930s…
July 7, 2008, 10:04 pm
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You can take the test to see how you do. I was a little surprised to find that I rate a “very superior” — I don’t perceive myself as an old-fashioned girl, but I think that it’s probably the ability to sew, cook, and my “delight in marital congress” that makes me a winner.

Here’s the link: Marital test (husband or wife) for 1930s.


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I took the first couple of sets of questions and realized that I don’t want to be married anyway, so I stopped. I think I make a good friend, husband, not so much.

Comment by democommie

Yeah, um, I scored a 22. I’m a poor 1930s wife. Perhaps it’s the speaking badly about my husband that I got wrong.

Comment by Angela Gordon

129. Very superior 🙂

Then, on a lark, I took the wife test (switching gender when appropriate).

I’m a ’96’ as a wife. Very Superior. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Comment by Slartibartfast

Demo — this test is not at all useful as an assessment of marital fitness. The ability to be a good friend is far more fundamental.

Angela, don’t sweat it. I think I would have preferred it if I scored really low…pretty much every woman I know who has taken it (all of whom I admire) has come out with scores between 20 and 40. I have this image of myself as having a very feminist, power-sharing healthy relationship and yet, I ace out on this patriarchal nightmare of a test. What does that mean, exactly?

Slarti, I always knew that you didn’t wear face cream and rollers to bed.
I bet if my husband took the wife test, he too would do well, too — although he hasn’t praised my strength and masculinity lately.

Comment by bridgett

I scored “superior”–I forget the number. Funny thing is, I think I got credit for sewing–but I shouldn’t, because I sew for fun, I make a mess in a house that’s already a disaster, and the wearability of my creations is questionable.

Comment by pennylrichardsca

Precisely, Penny. I sew because it’s fun. Kid is interested in sewing and neither of us is very self-conscious about wearing what I whip up. I also got credit for “being prepared,” though to me, that’s rewarding me for hoarding behaviors that are more akin to managed OCD than they are to domestic godhead.

Comment by bridgett

I took this – making assumptions about myself since I’m not married – and did quite well as a 30’s husband. I scored a 78.

Given that and the questions, I think the person who wrote this was using a movie version of 30s maariage as a guide.

Comment by Gerald

I got a 32 as a wife and a 72 as a husband. I dunno, I’m feeling really dude-ly lately, though, what with the preggers wife and all.

Comment by Emily

Oh, I’m not worried. I rather proud and would like to thank my alma mater, Russell Sage College.

Comment by Angela Gordon

That should be “I’m.” I just finished teaching my last summer class.

Comment by Angela Gordon

Emily! Great news! I’m guessing…early October, yes?

Comment by bridgett

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