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A plague of keys
July 3, 2008, 11:04 am
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One of the best things about being on sabbatical is dumping my proliferation of keys and keycards. I am now down to two keys (car, house) and a keychain insurance card (for both). My wallet is stripped down to the essentials — library card, license (doubles as my grocery card), college ID, health insurance card, debit card, and cash. I can now slide my entire “go kit” in a pocket rather than lugging my purse around. I have lost my cellphone and I don’t think I’m going to replace it; this drives the Dance Moms insane, but I recognize that a measure of my passivity in attempting to locate it is that I don’t really want to be “on call” every time one of them has an anxiety about lipstick color. I don’t feel the need to be that in touch…which is probably why I have very few IRL friends.

ehhh…this was going to be longer, but I got busy doing laundry and other stuff and lost my train of thought about daily possessions (the stuff that owns you) and personal freedom.


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I envy you! My work tote is huge (and currently full of papers that need to be graded), so you’d think I’d have a small everyday bag, right? Nope. I have a huge messenger bag. Why? I need my wallet, 10 lbs of keys, makeup bag, planner, cell phone, probably some kind of snack for the kids, and a change of clothes for each.

Tell me it gets better!!!!

Comment by Angela Gordon

I finally got a cellphone about a year ago and I’ve not caught the bug. I never remember to turn it on and I don’t want to while at work because I don’t want it ringing during class. Of course, I screen calls at home, too. I really just have the thing in case of emergencies.

Of course, as I’m constantly reminded when I mention this to my younger colleagues, I don’t have kids. Still, my parents DID have a kid – but never had a cellphone – and I lived.

Comment by Gerald

Yes, the post-“everything bag” days get easier. I still sometimes carry crayons, but mostly now Kid selects what she wants to take (a book, usually) and I go hands-free. I’ve also simplified because I don’t wear make-up often and when I do, I don’t ever do touch-ups. The idea of me carrying a planner is ludicrous, though I really should during the school year; I would lay it down somewhere and forget where I put it, though.

Comment by bridgett

That “but what about teh baybeez” argument is not very compelling in my case. When Kid’s at school, I’m either at my work telephone number or I’m at home (where I have a telephone). When she’s not at school, I’m with her. We’ve used a babysitter twice total — maybe a total of four hours since she’s been old enough to remember. We have a deliberately simple child-care plan (either she’s with her dad or she’s with me). I realize that not everyone is in our position, but I’m not asking anyone else to get rid of their cells. I’m just saying that I personally don’t need one.

Comment by bridgett

Cell phones have become ubiquitous and are economically pernicious.

I have Verizonazi for my service (I retired from them and get a little better deal) but I buy bare bones and get the free phone. I have 450 minutes a month and have never come within 250 minutes of using it. I would guess that more of my time on the cellphone is spent trying to hook up with friends on weekends than anything else. I may dump it when my current contract runs out and just go with Vonage. I find that nobody really wants to talk to me all that much.

Comment by democommie

Hi, Bridgett:

I’d send you an e-mail, but this will have to do.

I met Jim Sheeler, author of “Final Salute”, a just released book about the cost, to the families, of the US military killed in Iraq (and Afghanistan). I liked the cut of his jib and while I haven’t yet read the book, I think it’s worth looking into.

Now, I’ll go back to sorting my keys.

Comment by democommie

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