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Note to the Birthday Boy
June 30, 2008, 9:59 pm
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I had a dream about you last night — you tried to place a international collect phone call to me and I had to try to explain to John that we had a longstanding agreement to bail each other out…

You still have that bail money, right? 

Happy Birthday.


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I was going to say that I can’t imagine a fine upstanding Doctor/parent/educator/etc. like you needing bail money anytime soon…but the Bush administration isn’t over yet, and there’s still plenty of time for a protest or sit-in or peace action or refusal to stay in a “Free Speech Zone” (and God damn whoever came up with *that* Orwellian gem) to get out of hand in a good way.

So I’ve still got the bail money, just in case–if you ever need it, you just call and we’ll get you sprung.

Happy Birthday to me!

Comment by John Gruver

Speaking of dreams, Bridgette–I dreamed I was taking an online course from you last night, and the textbook was really big, and somehow it was involved in breaking my leg (like maybe I tripped over it, or it fell on my leg?). It was so real, that I literally felt my leg upon awakening, to make sure it wasn’t really broken. But I have *no* idea why I dreamed blaming any injury on you!

Comment by pennylrichardsca

Oh dang, I misspelled your name. Bridgett. Got it. Sorry. (If it’s any comfort, my MIL misspells my first name on my birthday card every year, and she’s known me for 20 years. This year she used three Ns…)

Comment by pennylrichardsca

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