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My house is a puzzle…
June 30, 2008, 9:34 am
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and I have to rearrange the pieces today, to empty out a room and prep it for painting while not making the rest of the house untenable with piles of junk. And it’s hot. And I’m not getting a lot of cooperation from Kid, who wants just to sit on the couch and read.



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Hey, I remember just wanting to read while my parents wanted to paint rooms that were already – to my mind – perfectly serviceable.

I also remember digging and tilling soil for my mom’s garden every other summer. She would plant once, then ignore the thing. The plants would die and grass would blow in. Then she would decide she wanted a garden again and I’d have to prep the ground all over. This probably explains my general attitude toward yard work…

A friend of mine – the one who made the book recommendation I e-mailed to you – was painting her daughter’s bedroom last week with the “assistance” of not one, but two dogs in the 60-lb. range. One is smart enough to know that sometimes you just leave the human alone, but the other had a decided “punk” look by the evening with streaks of blue across her black fur.

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