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A Few Nashville Star Thoughts
June 30, 2008, 8:56 pm
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  • Billy Ray looks like he’s got a Brazilian on his face. Chin pubes are not a good look on him.
  • Tell me again why John Rich is now the arbiter of what’s country? Who died and made him George Jones? 
  • Jewel is about as country as my cat. She’s a Top 40 buckle bunny. Looks like her new album is sinking like a stone. 

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bwahahahahaha!!!! Rock on, bridgett… 🙂

Comment by GingerSnaps


People often ask me what I have against country music and I tell them nothing. Of course for me country music is pretty much over when Hank Sr. died. I do like a lot of music that ges made by people from the south, I just don’t really think of it as country anymore than I think of most rock’n’roll as rock’n’roll.

Billy Ray–cannot listen to him.
Johm Rich–I know less about him than I know about the sport of curling.
Jewel–She can sing, I just wish she would.

I was listening to K.D. Lang singing something about walking through snow barefoot if you’d open your door. I’m not sure what she does, but I’ve always liked it.

Comment by democommie

I stopped watching Nashville Star after the second year. The first year was so much fun, and the second year was so generic, that I realized they had changed it to be bland on purpose. I turned on the first show of the third year, realized they’d gone for generic again, and haven’t gone back since. Are there any contestants this year who would make me rethink my position?

Comment by nm

Not really…lots of scared little twinkies who look like they’re in a high school talent show, a Navy seaman selected for the patriot factor who sings like a sailor on shoreleave (honest, I used to live in a port of call and I could steer you to a karaoke bar where a dozen guys just like him are getting tight right now singing “Friends in Low Places”), a likeable enough Hispanic dude who has got that blank Clint Black look about him, and a black guy who has a good voice in a Darius Rucker way but has been pronounced “not country enough” by the panelists. I like the big ol’ gal who is the mother of five — she’s got a little experience under her belt and sings with some depth, but I doubt if she’s “a star.” Since they are attempting to select an entertainment format delivery system rather than a country music singer now, it’s kind of awful.

Comment by bridgett

After reading your post, I switched it on for a few minutes, and I seriously couldn’t bear to watch BRC reading the teleprompter for more than 1 minute. I had to change channels. It was literally painful.

I really thought he could do better than that, because I really like the guy. I felt sorry for him. Ugh.

Comment by GingerSnaps

Oops, forgot to close the italics tag. Sorry.

Comment by GingerSnaps

Yeah, I like Billy Ray too…just not in this. He’s from the next town over from my mother (as is Lynndie England of the Abu Ghraib scandal…that gives a person some insight into Eastern Kentucky, huh? Somewhere between Billy Ray and Lynndie?) and so listening to interviews with him is like listening to one of my cousins. Unfortunately, his Russell High education is showing. I would have thought his Hannah Montana experience would have helped him have more stage presence.

Comment by bridgett

I do want to point out, though, that the second or third season did have the washboard guy, who was a lot of fun. He didn’t win (naturally, because he was sort of a leftover from the first season [in the sense of being memorable] who snuck in later by accident), but he did get those Purity Dairy commercials for a while, which I loved.

Comment by nm

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