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Unexpected home improvement dilemma
June 26, 2008, 4:11 pm
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Turns out that the folks from whom we bought the house (or, maybe, considering that it was a rental before that, the people before them) smoked a lot more pot than we thought. The lower hall ceiling is resin-stained and the residue is seeping through the new paint. We’re going to have to Kilz the ceiling, I guess, before proceeding.


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I just have to ask, this isn’t under the bathroom? or a spot in the roof where a vent stack goes through. Sorry, if I sound like an alarmist, but it occurred to me.

The house I’ve got was vacant (of humans, at least) for about seven years and apparently had lots of feral cats in one spot. When it warms up the back corner of the first floor reeks of piss, I may have to rip out the flooring, everything else is already gone. At least I have most of the staircase to the second florr back in.

Comment by democommie

No to both, though it’s a good thing to ask. It’s the ceiling in the coffin corner of our staircase.

The more I think about it, the more I think that I am probably to blame (or at least that I compounded the situation) by using candles on the entryway table. The smoke sucks right up the staircase and probably stained the ceiling.

Shoot, and I really wanted to hold myself blameless.

Comment by bridgett

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