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Note to importuning students
June 26, 2008, 12:30 pm
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Dear students:

Thanks to you all for thinking of me in your hour of distress. Student Z, you have had four years to figure out the program’s curricular requirements but you haven’t bothered. Go download the damn catalogue and demonstrate to all and sundry that you have the requisite analytical skills to graduate. Student M, you knew for months that you needed a letter of recommendation and I’ve asked you repeatedly what kind of program you’re considering so that I could start a draft and never got so much as an “I’m not sure…let me get back to you on that.” Now you need it by tomorrow. Preferably today. You, darling, are out of luck. Student Y, I suggest you get used to the idea of working with the person you consider “too academically demanding” (as opposed to good ol’ Slacker Mom bridgett) — I will not be available for reading thesis drafts.

I like you all. A lot. But I have earned a sabbatical and by golly, I’m taking it. Moreover, it’s my damn summer vacation. Enough out of you and your short-sighted manufactured crises. My white horse is in the stable until January.


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You go, girl!

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