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June 21, 2008, 2:50 pm
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Kid’s doing the second of back-to-back recitals as part of the ramp-up to her nationals. We’re doing it at a local high school and so, no surprise around here, at around twilight, some local high school kids came by the back of the school to sit on the trunk of their car and spark up. You could smell the pot as soon as you walked into the dressing rooms and the smell drifted out to the hallway.

One of the dance teachers rushed in: “What’s that burning smell? Is the school on fire?”
Me: “Uh….no. It’s just some kids…”
Her: “Are they having a campfire? What are they burning?”
Me: “It’s marijuana, I think.” (Duh…)
One of the dance moms pops in: “Who is burning wood?”
One by one, dance moms came in, and out of the twenty-five moms who came in, only one — not coincidentally, my favorite — said “gee, who’s getting high?”

I feel like such a stoner. Is it possible that upstate New York women between 30-45 are so sheltered that they didn’t recognize the smell of pot? Or were they just fronting?


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Probably some of both. I’ve had friends that I used to get high with try to act “as if” when their kids get nailed for smoking. Otoh, I had a friend, who was getting the lecture from his wife’s cousin ( A Lt. on the local PD) about marijuana being the “gateway” to heroin, etc.,. say, “No, Gary, wrong. The “gateway” drugs are sugar, coffee, nicotine and alcohol. I’ve been getting high longer than you, but we both seem to have survived the experience.”.

This nation has the highest % of incarcerated citizens in the world, iirc, and yet the incidence of drug use has not changed appreciably in 35 years. What a tremendous waste of time and money.

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